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Matt Korr State Licensed Home Inspector

Matt Korr State Licensed Home Inspector


Please make sure the electric and water is on prior to the inspection.  If you are working with a Real Estate Agent he/she will generally guide you on how to do this.  If not, call me in advance and I may be able to lead you in the right direction.  I will inspect a property without utilities, but you would be doing yourself an injustice.  Cable, telephone, alarm systems and any other data transfer services are not part of the inspection. Having the water and electric on is very important, so please don’t forget.

Notifying All Parties:
It would be wise to make sure all parties involved are aware in advance of the inspection.  Here is another one your Real estate Agent will help you with if you are working with one.  Early notification is not only for common courtesy, but also to prevent a delay in the inspection.  This will give people a chance to organize their schedule and arrange for access to all areas of the home.

Securing Pets:
Securing pets is important for all parties.  If a pet cannot be removed from the home, it may inhibit the inspection of access to portions of the home. For the inspection I will be in and out many times.  It can delay the process if we must be conscious of an unsecure pet.  I will not be responsible for someone’s pet escaping due to an open door.  This also can be a scary process to the pet itself if a group of unknown visitors invade its space.  Please be aware of this.

Items Will Not Be Moved:
Items in the home will not be moved to gain access to an area.  This one often gets overlooked.   It is very common that I will not have access to multiple areas of the home.  There are often outlets behind couches and windows behind lamps.  I will not move these items, nor should you.  We must take into consideration that this is someone’s personal property, and personal items should remain where they are.  There are a few important areas that I would suggest you ensure are accessible prior to the inspection: Attic Access; Crawl Space Opening (If Available); Full Access to the Electric Panel(s); Water Heater; Heat and Air Conditioning; Any other areas that may concern you.  This should be arranged prior to the inspection.

Prior to the inspection I will send you a Questionnaire and Pre-Inspection Agreement. These are both very important documents.  There are a few items on the Questionnaire that I prefer to have emailed back before the inspection.  They are notated by a (*).  This form can be sent in PDF or as a Word Document if you prefer not to have to print it out.  You may also simply email me this information. This form gives me a small amount of data to pre-assess the property and prepare for the inspection.  The Pre-Inspection Agreement is essentially a contract.  I email this form so that you may review it ahead of the inspection.  You can bring this form to the inspection signed, or ask questions about it at the inspection prior to signing.  If you forget to bring your copy, do not panic. I tend to keep a spare around.

I accept most forms of payment such as Cash, Check and Credit Card.  No fees will be added for any of these forms of payment. The payment will be due at the time of inspection.  Unfortunately, I cannot send you a copy of the report until payment is received.

Limitations of the Inspection:
For the full list of limitations please refer to your Pre-Inspection Agreement.  Please understand that the inspection is considered to be visual, non-invasive, and as a representative sampling of the components of the home.  Certain items will not be accessible on the day of inspection for many different reasons.  This can be as simple as furniture or personal items in the way, or as complex as the design of the attic and ductwork.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the utilities are on for the inspection. I will inspect a home without utilities on, but this will greatly reduce the accuracy of the inspection. This inspection should not be considered as a guarantee or warranty of any kind.  The report is limited by what is observed on the day of inspection only.